Bay Area–Focused Wealth Management Firm Golub Group is Now Summitry


Feb 19, 2020

Bay Area–Focused Wealth Management Firm Golub Group is Now Summitry image

Updated branding reflects the firm’s unique ability to provide personalized financial planning and investment strategies, rooted in local insight

San Mateo, CA. – February 19, 2020 – Golub Group, LLC, a Bay Area wealth management firm, is now Summitry, LLC – a name more reflective of the firm’s commitment to helping clients reach their goals and achieve new heights. The updated branding is the final step in a year-long journey the team has taken to reflect upon its differentiated approach in serving the unique risks and rewards that come with life in the Bay Area. The firm has made meaningful upgrades to its service in the areas of estate planning, tax strategies, and concentrated stock solutions – all designed to help clients reach higher.

“Our new name, Summitry evokes this notion of reaching new heights, with aid and security provided by us as a partner,” said Colin Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of Summitry. “Summitry is the process we follow, as a partner to our clients, to understand the unique Bay Area terrain, to plan the route to the top, and to work alongside them as they make the climb.”

“The Bay Area requires a sensitivity to local wealth management concerns that many firms in our industry simply don’t have,” said Kurt Hoefer, Chief Strategy Officer at Summitry. “We need to understand the nature of real estate prices in the Bay Area, the high cost of living and high taxes, the region’s extraordinary employment and investment opportunities, the concentrations of wealth in employer stock, and the anxieties parents feel about whether or not their children will be able to stay here after they’ve left home. We have designed and refined our offering to meet these and other local, Bay Area-specific needs, and our new name, Summitry, is a reflection of that strategy.”

“We are excited to recast this firm’s identity in a way that pays tribute to the vision of our founder, Michael Golub, and reflects the journey we have taken with our clients, partners, and staff,” said Joe Martin, Chief Client Experience Officer. “The firm is built on three core values – care, grow, and drive, and those continue to lead us in our efforts to scale the business and serve our clients with undeniable authenticity.”

About Summitry

Summitry is a Bay Area wealth management firm offering personalized financial planning and investment strategies, rooted in local insight. We help grow and protect your wealth so you can pursue your best Bay Area life. Founded in 2003, the firm has over $1.7 billion in assets under management, a size large enough to possess highly-sophisticated systems, to have access to a wide range of institutional research tools and services, and to employ the highest-caliber professional talent, while maintaining the culture and personalized approach of a boutique investment firm.

Summitry offers a range of services, including personalized financial planning, retirement planning, estate and trust planning, California tax strategies, charitable gift planning, fiduciary support, equity compensation and benefits advice to executives, asset management, and customized investment strategies.

Summitry has its sights set on becoming the most admired firm in the marketplace and the most admired workplace for our team. Learn more at



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