The Ingredients to Thrive Together

Joe Martin

May 25, 2020

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Honoring the Women and Men Who Serve Our Country

With deepest gratitude, we want to say thank you to all our clients and members of their families who are serving or who have served in the military and/or as first responders – fire, paramedic, law enforcement, medical, healthcare providers, teachers and more.  We want to recognize, too, Sneha Vaidya, who works full-time at Summitry taking care of clients, while also giving all of herself when called to do so by the United States Army Reserves. Roger Rouse, who is a part-time policeman with a Bay Area city department, a full-time IT professional, and loving spouse to our very own Jennifer Rouse, a long-time member of our leadership team. Kyle Lessler, a teacher who has tirelessly given himself to his students as they are sheltering-in-place while also lovingly supporting Tiffany Lessler, another Summitry leadership teammate.

Each Memorial Day weekend, and it would be well to recall it more often, we come together as a nation and in our communities to honor those who have given their lives in the armed forces protecting us, and for their service we are so grateful.  This year, given our current situation, we want also to honor the sacrifice and virtues of you who today and each day continue to protect and ensure our freedoms, safety and security. It is your dedication to service and your resilience in the face of challenge that give us the opportunity to invest in the future, because we can have confidence that together we’ll get through whatever’s thrown at us and thrive.  Of all the ingredients, you are the salt.

We at Summitry wish that you all have a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with your families, in honor of the women and men who serve our country and communities.  Understanding that you might need to stay closer to home this year and may be looking for some recipes to try, we asked our team for some of the “ingredients” they turn to for creating something special and here are three below. We hope you enjoy recreating these with your loved ones.


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