Kevin Szeto

Financial Planning Associate

About Kevin

As a Financial Planning Associate, Kevin first looks to understand the client’s situation and their needs. Then he helps the clients build comprehensive financial plans to better understand how to approach the big decisions in life.

Before Summitry, Kevin worked at eMoney Advisor as a Client Support Specialist, helping Financial Advisors with modeling financial planning situations within the software and before that, worked as a Business Analyst for LPL Financial. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Originally from Southern California, Kevin has made the move to the Bay Area and is always open to learning about new things to do and places to go.

Q & A

  • What drew you to the Bay Area?

    The opportunities for professional development and being closer to friends. A lot of the friends I have accumulated over my lifetime eventually returned or ended up in the Bay area in the present day. It was natural to want to spend more time with them while I still could.
  • What does “living your best Bay Area Life” mean to you?

    It means being close to the ones you care about and who care about you. It means spending time together, making memories.
  • Discuss a personal accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of.

    In recent memory, passing the CFP exam on first attempt was something I was happy about. It was a large weight lifted when I saw the results the day of. Honestly, it has been a bounty, as this led one thing to another and eventually where I am right now.
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