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Brandy is a Business Development Principal at Summitry. He primarily works with the Business Development Team and is responsible for engaging with new clients and guiding them through the onboarding process with Summitry. He also works with our firm’s various strategic partners to develop new value-add opportunities.

Brandy was formally educated as an attorney, earning his J.D. in 2007 from Villanova Law before shifting to his passion in the field of Finance. He worked as a Financial Advisor and Consultant at both the Fidelity and Merrill Lynch Flagship offices where he specialized in holistic planning and investing for individuals and families.

Brandy is originally from Southern California and has lived in the Bay Area since 2007.  He currently resides in the East Bay with his family and has been a longtime member and volunteer with the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley. He enjoys poker, active sports, travel, Sci-Fi Films and trying new restaurants.

Q & A

  • What drew you to the Bay Area? (If you’re a native, what kept you here?)

    My wife attended Stanford Law at the same time I was attending Villanova. I wanted to live in Southern California while she made very clear her desire to stay in the Bay Area so we jokingly referred to it as a condition of marriage. Since that time, however, I’ve grown to love the Bay Area and consider myself fortunate to call this my real home.
  • If you volunteer for a charity, which one(s) and why?

    I always contribute to 3 charities - Wikipedia, UNICEF and I rotate a 3rd annually (often KQED). I also enjoy work with Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley; there are many great people I’ve met and there are many opportunities push food drives and other local charity work in the Bay Area.
  • What are your favorite pursuits outside of work?

    Family and friends top my list, I cannot put a number on how valuable the time spent with loved ones is to me.
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