Diana Le

Financial Planning Associate

About Diana

Diana joined Summitry in 2020 as a Financial Planning Associate. She works across teams to collaborate and to provide advisory and planning support to the firm’s Financial advisors in constructing comprehensive financial plans that align with clients’ goals and needs.

Before joining Summitry, Diana worked with UBS Wealth Management at the San Francisco branch of UBS Financial Services, Inc., and prior to that, she worked as a Client Service Associate for Bordeaux Wealth Advisors providing relationship management for over 120 households. Diana graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 2014.

Diana enjoys cooking and gardening during her spare time. She also lives in San Mateo, and being a Hawaii native, Diana enjoys spending time outdoors in nature with her family and dog.

Q & A

  • Discuss a personal accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of.

    A personal accomplishment that I am proud of is repotting my plants and all of them are still living. I recently got into the hobby of gardening again, after having a long history of plants dying under my care. Therefore, having these plants survive and thriving is a feat that I am proud of and hope to maintain.
  • Three words to describe the Bay Area?

    Innovative, Growth, and Exciting. The Bay Area is a hub where so many companies and startups are founded and originate from. There is so much potential for growth as cities in the Bay Area continue to be filled with so much diversity and innovation. The Bay Area is also exciting as it is one of the few places that has so many different terrains and places to explore (i.e. beaches, skyscrapers, forests, etc).
  • What are some of the challenges you face living in the Bay Area?

    Some challenges I face living in the Bay Area is the traffic. I have spent a bit of my life living in Southern California, in which I thought the 405 highway traffic was bad. However, when I came to live here and worked in San Francisco, I quickly found out that the traffic here is worse. It used to take me at least one to two hours to drive out of the city and an additional one hour to drive home to San Mateo. From then on, I realized that the best way to the city was via the BART stations.
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