William Lorne

Business Operations Specialist

About William

As a Business Operations Specialist/Portfolio Administrator, William is responsible for supporting all operational functions of the firm as well as the administration of trading activities.

William graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Managerial Economics in 2018. Prior to joining Summitry, he worked as a Senior Associate at State Street Bank in Sacramento. William is currently studying to enter graduate school and aims to earn an M.S. in Business Analytics.

William currently resides in Burlingame. When not in the office, you are most likely to find him at the nearest golf course or racetrack.

Q & A

  • Discuss a solution you provided for a client that you’re extremely proud of.

    During my previous role, one of our clients began trading bond total return swaps, a product type that, at the time, was not fully supported by our trading system. By working with multiple internal teams and communicating with the client, we were able to provide a workaround that allowed for the positions to be accurately priced and traded on without any manual intervention. This solution allowed the client to expand their trading of this product type, providing their clients with more diversified opportunities.
  • What are your favorite pursuits outside of work?

    Outside of work, I enjoy golfing, fitness, and motorsports. I have played golf since I was a young child and enjoy traveling to different courses around the Bay Area. I also spend a lot of time at several local racetracks, pushing myself and my vehicle to its limits.
  • If you volunteer for a charity, which one(s) and why?

    I help raise money every year for the USO (United Services Organizations), a charity that provides a multitude of services for Armed Forces service members, Veterans, and their families. Being able to provide some comforts from home to those stationed overseas, or helping a soldier fly home to see his/her family for the holidays, is deeply satisfying.
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