Summitry Quarterly Investor Update – September 9, 2021

Sep 10, 2021


Summitry’s Investment Team hosts a quarterly update webinar to discuss portfolio changes since the last quarter, what happens when investor expectations meet market reality, took a deep dive into Nintendo, and Q&A from the audience.

0:00 Welcome

2:50 Portfolio changes since the last quarter

5:25 Investor expectations meet market reality

11:47 Our portfolio isn’t the market

17:38 Case study: Nintendo

27:20 How to prepare for a marketing correction

30:44 Purpose of cash within our portfolio

32:07 Regulations in China and how that affect tech holdings in our portfolio

34:24 Use of dividend ETFs to boost returns

35:51 Cultural shift in gaming industry

37:10 Are we considering ancillary investments like EA or Activision, NVDA

38:50 Any opportunities from a shortage of semiconductors?

41:28 Decentralization of finance – how that does that affect our financial holdings?

46:14 Cryptocurrency

48:05 Wells Fargo – the journey and what we see ahead

51:00 Chipotle, Apple – how do we think about companies that have done well after we sell

55:31 Clean energy, lithium

57:00 European markets – any opportunities there?


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