SemperVirens Presentation

Summitry invites the SemperVirens team to present about an investment opportunity in the venture capital space.

SemperVirens in an early stage venture capital fund investing in B2B healthcare tech, workforce tech, and fintech startups. They have ~$200mln AUM and a portfolio of 50 companies, including multiple $1B+ businesses that are leveraging technology to improve things like mental health, financial wellness, and career opportunities for millions of people globally.

SemperVirens has a strong track record, Fund I (2018) is at 5.7x gross MOIC (52% net IRR), Fund II (2020) is at 1.5x gross MOIC (21% net IRR). They achieve these results with a unique model that assesses customer demand before making an investment decision, which has enabled them to reduce market risk for new and innovative solutions in their target sectors.

They have closed on $105 million out of $125 million for their Fund III and accepting commitments for their final close at the end of November.

Webinar Replay