The Bay Area resident, just like its landscape, is dynamic and unique. We help individuals and families from different backgrounds and all walks of life. See below for just a few of our specialties and how we help those like yourself navigate this place we call home.

  • Individuals and Families Planning Their Futures

  • Holders of Concentrated Stock

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Work Optional

  • Cross-Generation Legacy Builders

  • Bay Area Newcomers

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    Individuals and Families Planning Their Futures

    As life unfolds, the pressure to achieve financial security increases. The tipping point may be an IPO or company buyout; a marriage, divorce or inheritance; a realization that one lacks the bandwidth to be one’s own financial steward; or even an acknowledgement that the financial consequences of mistakes are unacceptable. Whatever your particular crossroad, we’re here to relieve those pressures and start building with you.

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    Holders of Concentrated Stock

    One commonality for many Bay Area professionals is having a portfolio that is too concentrated in a particular position or industry. Typically, these companies and their stocks played a key role in the holder becoming wealthy in the first place, so it can be difficult to let go. Taxes compound the dilemma. As advisors to families with wealth, we regularly encounter situations in which clients have large single-stock exposures and need advice as to how to address it. If this is you, we can help.

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    Entrepreneurs, like yourself, want to have a certain level of control in all aspects of your life and business. You delegate tasks to managers and employees, allowing you to focus your strengths on what you are passionate about. Let us help you maintain the level of control over your financial life. The Financial Advisors at Summitry create a comprehensive financial plan that coordinates your business interests with your personal finances and investments.

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    Those Seeking to Get to "Work Optional"

    For most of your career, the idea of freedom from work for a paycheck has been a far-off notion that didn’t feel like it was part of your reality.  However at some moment, typically as you enter the last decade of your working years, the desire for financial freedom becomes “real” and unrelenting, and the priority shifts from contributing to your balance sheet through earned income, to living off your balance sheet to support your lifestyle.  We help clients optimize the choices they make during the final chapters of their careers, partnering to build a roadmap for a financial future that brings clarity and confidence to the narrative of what life will look like during that time in their lives when work is optional and choices vast, and how all of this will be supported by a deliberate financial strategy.

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    Cross-Generation Legacy Builders

    Family is important. Finding ways to preserve and grow your wealth to ensure your legacy passes onto your heirs is something we are passionate about. We help families strategize on the best approaches to preserve and transfer their wealth, involve the next generation by promoting inter-generational communication and trust, and set a framework of sound financial planning to provide for the successful passing of your legacy.

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    Bay Area Newcomers

    Congratulations on making the move to a place like no other! There’s no doubt that the Bay Area is its own world. If you’re feeling a flurry of mixed emotions, let Summitry help you navigate your new life. Whether it’s making a real estate purchase or comparing compensation packages, we understand what you may be going through and what you’re looking for because our team is filled with both Bay Area natives and newcomers. Talk to a Summitry advisor today!

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