Sustainable Income

Summitry’s Sustainable Income strategy is well suited to serve those clients who seek predictable and growing income from their portfolios. This would include individuals in retirement who need to draw income from their portfolio, fiduciaries who are required to make distributions to beneficiaries, or clients seeking diversification in their overall asset allocation. The strategy invests in a combination of dividend-paying common stocks, preferred shares, real estate investment trusts, corporate fixed-income securities and similar issues that offer both current income and attractive risk-adjusted total return potential. The strategy’s three key objectives are (1) to deliver a regular stream of income through good markets and bad; (2) to have this income grow at a rate faster than inflation to protect its purchasing power; (3) to offer an opportunity for capital gain on top of the income generated over time as the intrinsic value of the stocks increase.

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Matthew Gordon, CFA®

Senior Equity Analyst & Portfolio Manager