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What financial decisions are you facing? The term ‘financial planning’ is broad, and its value changes depending on where you are in your life and career. And, of course, where you live. The Bay Area is unique, and we take this into account. We look at your age and health, career path, and family, together with your real estate, investments, and anything else that could impact the management of your finances. Then we make a plan to tackle it all, together.


Life in the Bay Area is complex, and attaining wealth adds to the number of decisions with serious financial ramifications you face. You can be overwhelmed, or you can take control. Together, we can plot a course that is as personal as you are.



It’s a thought that crosses everyone’s mind at some point: when can I afford to retire? Reaching retirement takes discipline and proper planning, so the sooner you start to consider the important decisions you need to make, the better off you’ll be when it arrives. We help you prioritize spending and saving based on key goals, such as a desire to retire in the Bay Area. In partnership with Summitry’s Financial Advisors, you will feel safe to dream. We’ll draft a roadmap to retirement.  

Estate and Trust Planning

It’s important to consider the long-term when it comes to managing your wealth. We make sure that your will, living trust, powers of attorney and other key documents are in order, that your assets are titled properly and that beneficiaries and successor trustees are named according to your wishes. We also make sure your potential heirs have a clear understanding of the financial plans you’ve put in place.

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Making a life in the Bay Area means you’ve accepted the burdens of a high-tax state. But planning your financial future with your tax rules in mind may alter the decisions you make. Let Summitry keep you on a tax-savvy course.


Asset Management

Accumulating wealth is not easy, most of us would attest. But securing and compounding that wealth, once created, is fairly straightforward, following a few time-tested rules and applying a lot of discipline. All investment assets have an “intrinsic value” that can be assessed through rigorous analysis. Summitry has the experience and research capabilities to derive the intrinsic value of a stock, bond, business or a real asset, and a process to ensure that portfolios are built with an eye toward protecting the downside as well as offering opportunity to the upside.

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Customized Investment Strategies

You’ve managed to achieve significant wealth and you’d like to keep it safe. That’s what we do. Investments are allocated in accordance with your personalized financial plan. The building blocks of your investment portfolio are securities monitored by our portfolio management team, following a time-tested investment philosophy and a lot of rigor.

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